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  • Brand : UniStab
  • Availability : 9999


Product Description

When you buy an ordinary stabilizer, you have to blindly believe that your equipment is being protected. With Unistab digital stabilizer, you actually see the voltage being fed into your equipment. It’s high-tech 4G digital chip senses the incoming voltage and corrects it, controls the extreme low and high voltage cutoffs and the intelligent time delay restart to protect your Equipment. What’s more, it's displays all its functions digitally for you to checkout. That's complete peace of mind!

The compactly designed UNISTAB US 50DF Voltage stabilizer is extremely cost effective and performs efficiently digital display shows output voltage, adding great convenience. This model comes to you with an advanced digital display that measures the output voltage.


The easy-to install wall mount Unistab stabilizer provides high power efficiency, thus making it cost-effective.

Covered in Guarantee

Manual damage to the set is not covered under Guarantee. Any manufacturing defect/mal functioning will be either repaired or replaced. Unauthorized tampering of the product during Guarantee period will cease the Guarantee.

Guarantee service type

In case of any manufacturing defect or Non-functionality of the product, the customer would have to take the product to the nearest service center. The service center would repair the fault, In case the fault is not serviceable, the service center would take a call and give the replacement to the customer.

Intelligent Time Delay - Protects your equipment from adverse effects of frequent power cuts and erratic voltge fluctuation from reaching your equipment by providing power balancing time

Low & High voltage cut off Protection - Protects your connected equipment from potentially dangerous voltages

Latest 4G Technology - The single chip Micro-controller IC continously monitors input voltage and supplies the required output voltage to your equipment.

Smart Digital display - "Seeing is believing" The digital seven bit displays continously shows the input, output voltage.

Wall mounting cabinet design - Elegant,Sleek, and easy to install cabinet designed to match your house interiors

Energy efficient design:

Generator Compatibility : Yes

Spike Protection : Yes

Technical Specifications

Model US 50DF

Capacity 2A

Working Range 130V - 270V

Cabinet Material ABS 1 Refrigerator upto 300Lts size

Application Guarantee 2 years

Time Delay 150 Secs