M/s P.L.Enterprise Limited is a diversified home products company based in Hyderabad, A.P.; it is a listed Public Limited Company.

We are presently focused on Marketing of “Unistab “range of products, reputed since 30 years for innovative products and marketing strategies. Being manufacturers of India’s largest selling voltage stabilizers with smart sensor technology; our other products include DVD Players, Protectors, Emergency Lights, Back Massagers, Steam Irons, A/C Power Savers, Geysers, Water Purifiers and more.

Our Suppliers own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, that operate on stringent quality control guidelines, and a professionally managed team is responsible for quality sourcing from other parts of the world. Uni-Stab is a value for money product, offering reliable protection to expensive Electric and Electronic appliances at reasonable prices. The Uni-Stab Voltage Stabilizer range consists of over 30 models for Televisions, Refrigerators, Music Systems and Air Conditioners. The elegant design of Uni-Stab range finds wide acceptance with the consumers wherever they are marketed. Over 2500 dealers and 40 lakhs households belong to the happy, expanding Uni-Stab family, in eight major states of the country.

Insist on Unistab stabilizers. Seeing is Believing.